We have created many building rules and classes to serve our sport, competitors and fans. All rules will be enforced with safety as the number one priority. Not all classes will run at all events so be sure to check the schedule for the event(s) you are entering. When calling, please be prepared to offer what event, class, type and make of vehicle you are building.

The different vehicle classes are as follows:

       Mega Stock Mini's - Compact mini vans, compact pick ups and compact SUV's. 4x4's are allowed must disengage one set of wheels.

         Mega Stock Mid Size Car - 108" wheel base or less. Front wheel drive only.

         Mega Stock Full Size Car - Any year full size car. No hearses, ambulances or Imperials.

         Mega Stock Full Size Truck - Any year full size truck, van or suburban. 1/2 tons or 3/4 tons. 2 or 4 wheel drive must have one set of wheels be disengaged

       Mighty Mini's - Compact mini vans, compact pick ups and compact SUV's. 4x4's are allowed.V'8's allowed.

         Mighty Mid Size Car- 108" wheel base or less. Front or rear wheel drive.

         Mighty Full Size Car - Any factory produced automobile. No Imperials.

         Mighty Full Size Truck -Any full size truck. 2 or 4 wheel drive. 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton. 4 wheel drives allowed. Vans and suburbans allowed.

         Semi Stock Full Size Car -Any factory produced automobile. No Imperials, Imperial framed cars or hearses.

         Semi Stock Truck - Any truck, suburban or van. 2 or 4-wheel drive. No working 4-wheel drive systems. No 1 tons allowed. 1/2 or 3/4 tons allowed.

         Pro Compact Car - 108" wheel base or less.

         Stock Imperial - Any year Chrysler Imperial or Imperial subframed.

         Pro-Mod Outlaw - Any car or truck. No working 4-wheel drive systems. Imperials allowed.

1.     All drivers must complete an entry form and attend the pit meeting.

2.      All drivers and crew members will receive a pit ID band.

3.      All vehicles will get a stick after they have passed inspection. Break your stick to indicate you are out of competition.

4.     Hoods must be opened upon inspection.

5.      All vehicles must be present for inspection 1 hour prior to driver's meeting or pay a late fee. Vehicles that do not pass inspection will be allowed to make corrections. Corrections must be completed prior to drivers meeting. If the vehicle is not able to pass inspection, it will not run. No refunds.

6.     All drivers must wear full length pants, long sleeve shirts, an approved full-face helmet, eye protection and seat belts.

7.      All drivers will have 60 seconds to make a hit. Drivers failing to make a hit will be out of the competition and will be told to break their stick by a flagman.

8.     Intentional driver door hits are not allowed and will result in disqualification. The area between the wheels on the driver's side of the vehicle is considered a no hit area. If the hit is deemed by the official to be careless or intentional, you will be disqualified. Do not use your driver's door as a defense.

9.      One extinguishable fire allowed. The second fire will result in disqualification.

10. If your vehicle is rolled, the event will be stopped and your vehicle will be up-righted. You will be allowed to continue provided your vehicle is safe.

11.  Team driving cannot be prevented. Holding is not allowed and will result in disqualification.

12.  Vehicles should be decorated in good taste. No foul words or slogans permitted.

13.  Roof signs must not exceed 24" x 24" and must be mounted over drivers front compartment.

14.  May have maximum of 2 batteries.

15.  No alcohol allowed in pits.

16.  Keep speed in the pit area at an idle.

17.  Drivers less than 18 years old can compete with a signed and notarized parental consent form.

18. Judges decisions are final. No complaints taken once the event is over. Concerns must be made by drivers only.

19. Poor sportsmanship or misconduct by drivers or pit crew will result in vehicle disqualification and loss of prize money.

20.  Prize money guaranteed but must have 3 entries per class. If less than 3 entries, you will receive a free entry to another IMP event and you will be awarded 50 points.

**Download 2016 General Rules**

For questions please contact:
Steve Heitman at 612.741.5941 or